Assured Broadband

A specialist broadband product designed to support IP Telephony

esigned for use with IP Telephony, Assured Broadband is a dedicated broadband circuit into your business which delivers guaranteed, business-grade voice calls.

Companies can choose from Voice only (Assured Broadband) or Voice and Data (Converged Broadband) dependent on their business requirements.

Further benefits include prioritised voice traffic across the network, UK-based 24/7 support and exacting service level agreements (SLAs).

Assured Broadband

ssured Broadband is a dedicated IP circuit into your business which delivers guaranteed voice calls of the highest quality. It’s a specialist broadband product supporting our IP telephone services and includes everything you need for first-class IP telephony: a Cisco router, a business-grade broadband connection and the IP telephony service itself.  It also offers optional capacities of between 5 and 30 concurrent calls.

Good for small to medium-sized businesses using IP Telephony


Converged Broadband

Combining Assured IP Telephony and internet access using just one circuit, Converged Broadband provides an end-to-end telephony and internet access from a single supplier.  Additional benefits include a Cisco router and UK based 24/7 support. Each circuit is tested for suitability and each product comes with very generous monthly data allowances.

Good for small to medium-sized businesses using IP Telephony




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